IN THE PURSUIT OF… is the year program of the Expoplu that (re)thinks our personal position towards the issues and challenges of the 21st century.


For this year the Expoplu will present its overall year-program: IN THE PURSUIT OF.... A program in which contemporary artists, curators, organizers, bookshops, publishers, writers and thinkers will be engaging with contemporary issues that humanity is facing in the 21st century. Central in IN THE PURUIT OF… are three pillars: engagement, experiment and talent-development.


IN THE PURSUIT OF… is curated by Youri Appelo (NL, 1991), and  derives from both personal as societal motivations. As a young curator Appelo is continuously questioning himself and his practice: why are we (artists & curators) making art and exhibitions? For whom do we create them? What are the values and goals of an exhibition space such as the Expoplu? On the other hand there are the bigger, meta-issues that Appelo wants to discuss in relation to and from the arts: what is the role of the artist in the current geopolitical landscape? How should we as art institutes deal with inclusiveness and diversity? Or how can we safeguard a place for experimentation, in a world that is more and more focussed on clear and finished products? Appelo hopes to challenge the visitor to grasp the spirit of the exhibition by finishing the year program its title: ‘IN THE PURSUIT OF… a better tomorrow; a gender diverse institute; or less censorship’.


IN THE PURSUIT OF... aims to create a space for experiment and critical ideas and hopes to transform the Expoplu into an open and educational institute, to create a space where young and talented artists from the region can exhibited or can interact with more experienced artists from the Netherlands or abroad. With his program Appelo hopes to create a bridge between Arnhem and Nijmegen, and to enhance cultural and artistic transactions between the two cities.


For IN THE PURSUIT OF... WALTER Bookshop will carefully curate books, magazines and other content in context of the specific exhibitions. WALTER will also contribute and collaborate to the public program of IN THE PURSUIT OF… Last but not least, at several exhibition openings Broken Toaster Records will be present to perform their sound-based interventions. These performances will be documented and be presented at BTR Festival, the last project of IN THE PURSUIT OF…


*The following exhibitions and projects are part of IN THE PURSUIT OF…: The one day collective, Disruptive Voices, Collective Chemistry #4, Gender: An Universal Language, Matters of Perception & BTR Festival.

Youri Appelo is an independent curator and art mediator. He holds a BA in Teaching in Art & Design and a MA in Museology. Currently Youri Appelo is mostly active as a curator and researcher for the Expoplu (Nijmegen), Platform BK (Amsterdam), VHDG (Leeuwarden) & Radboud UMC (Nijmegen). Appelo his main interest goes out for contemporary issues and challenges surrounding politics, society and ecology. As curator he tries to create settings or platforms in which these urgent discussions can take place or could be reflected on.




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IN THE PURSUIT OF… is the year program of the Expoplu that (re)thinks our personal position towards the issues and challenges of the 21st century.

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