Natasha Beaujon

Birgit Bemers

Marthe Koning

Martinus Papilaja


Collective Chemistry #4



Maud van Dijk, 2016, ruru huis (Arnhem)

Photo by David Jonathan - photography

About Collective Chemistry


Collective Chemistry is an annual project that evolves around the practice of several fine art students from ArtEZ. The selected students are always part of the tutor group that is led by performance artist Alicia Framis. In the past Collective Chemistry took place in gm8 (Amsterdam) curated by Nina Svenson and the ruru huis (Arnhem) curated by Youri Appelo. This fourth edition of the project will be taking place at Expoplu (Nijmegen). For Collective Chemistry #4 participating students developed their own concept that deals with the urge of being 24/7 active and productive in our contemporary society. The idea of ‘instant gratification’ and the possibility of buying anything at any time, reveals our independence from the physical institutions, but above all shows that 24/7 activity/productivity is theoretical possible. In light of this concept, the student will be working for 24 hours until the opening at eight o'clock on 12th of May, 2017. Each of the students will bring one concept, sound and object, which will function as their ‘leitmotiv’ for the following hours. Lastly, Dutch artist Onno Dirker will be sending assignments to the students, to influence their artistic process and outcome. How will 24 hours of productivity manifest itself in the works of these students? Please join us to find out!





Audience at Collective Chemistry at the ruru huis - Photo by David Jonathan - Photography


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