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Eline de Bruijn

Nicoline van Harskamp

Simone de Kinderen

Machteld Rullens



About Disruptive Voices


Which voice is to be heard? The obvious or the disguised? What do body language, activistic positions, anarchistic beliefs and religious minorities have in common? ‘Disruptive Voices’ is an exhibition that investigates our political voices as individuals or as a group in relation to the ‘other’(; i.e. society or government). It is not about the sounds that come out of our mouths, but rather about our position, beliefs and perspectives (our voice) that we as humans have to communicate to the ‘other’ in ways we think is best. Disruptive Voices hopes to question our own identity, our position and most of all the way we use our voice.


Disruptive Voices



Nicoline van Harskamp (1975, NL)


Nicoline van Harskamp is an artist whose recent works use and explore the English language that is created among non-native speakers worldwide, and imagine the (aesthetic) properties of a future spoken global language. Productions in this series have taken place in Bucharest, London, Barcelona, Visby, and other European towns. A solo exhibition entitled Englishes premiered at BAK, Utrecht this year and is currently on show in Cordoba, Spain.


Her previous projects include Yours in Solidarity, which addressed the very recent history of anarchism through a correspondence archive, and was presented in different stages of completion Mexico City, Frankfurt, London, Shanghai, Zagreb, Bombay, Montreal and elsewhere. Her live pieces, among which Expressive Power Series and A Romance in Five Acts and Twenty-one Englishes,  were staged at Tate Modern, London; KunstWerke, Berlin; Witte de With, Rotterdam; New Museum, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Arnolfini, Bristol; Serralves Foundation, Porto; and Kaaitheater, Brussels.


Van Harskamp  studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK), The Hague and the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and was a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.  Van Harskamp currently holds a professorhip at the University of Fine Arts Münster.













Eline de Bruijn

False Evidence Appearing Real


Eline de Bruijn, False Evidence Appearing Real (2016)

Eline de Bruijn (1995, NL)


The more society focuses on individual achievements, performance and productivity, the more we have to become some sort of instrument. But is it possible to force ourselves to use our bodies as mere objects? And by doing so are we losing the ability to accept failure and limitations? The work of Eline de Bruijn (1995) evolves around the idea of objectifying the body. She wonders if the

desire to perform affects human behavior and the way we interact with each other.











Simone de Kinderen (1993, NL)


Simone uses the medium of the documentary to explore how we relate to the world we live in. In this she continuously is questioning, repositioning and revaluating her own position. With her research-based practice De Kinderen questions the medium itself by ways of looking how the documentary, and the circulation of images in general, function and how they influence our relationships and the way we perceive everything that is at work around us. It is a search for how we can explore the hybridity of our (cultural) identities in a way that doesn’t lead to further disruption, but instead offers us a way to reclaim the connection with ourselves and each other.










Yours in Solidarity (first opening of the archive)


by Nicoline van Harskamp

photograph: Nicoline van Harskamp


Simone de Kinderen

Tomorrow will be better


Machteld Rullens (1988, NL)


Machteld Rullens studied at the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague), St. Lucas (Ghent) and received her MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) in 2014. In her video and sculptural works she draws inspiration from the mundane, which she positions and manipulates in order to question truth and reality.






Machteld Rullens

Thumbs Up



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