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About Kunstnacht @ Expoplu


In the spring of 2017 Arash Fakhim (1987, IR) and Matthias Schaareman (1986, NL) were separately in need for a period of experimentation. Both Fakhim as Schaareman felt the urge to step outside their comfort zone and wanted to search for new ways to expand their field of practice. In conversation with both artists, curator Youri Appelo decided to bring them together by inviting them to work in the Expoplu for a period of time.


Matthias Schaareman is interested in hidden stories of abandoned houses, theaters and industrial architectures, in which the decoration might act as the physical memory of these buildings. Schaareman graduated at the AKV st. Joost (Den Bosch) in 2012, and currently is granted with the ‘Jong Talent’ stipendium of the Mondrian Fund.


Arash Fakhim summarizes his practice as: ‘The surface, the subject, the object, the thing & the ac¬tor all swirl down in a looped sink. A drainage of a visual soup’. Fakhim gratuaded at ArtEZ (Arnhem) 2016, and is currently working on several projects as both artist as curator.


Because the practice of both artists is very different from each other, the foremost value of the project is the exchange of ideas, visions and experiences between these two young and talented artists. How different are their artistic processes and do they have different ideas on the presentation of art? The outcomes of their working period are presented in an exhibition at Expoplu.


During the night of the Nijmeegse Kunstnacht there will also be a dance performance of Arnhemse Meisjes. One of their ways of working is to fuse their bodies with a site-specific location, in a physical way. The exhibition of Fakhim and Schaareman gives them a new source of inspiration to approach this setting. Through the body they will play with the work of Fakhim and Schaareman and reinterpret their art. With this collaboration, they search for ways to interact and enrich each other.

The public is hereby invited to look at the combination of both art forms with a new perspective.


Arnhemse Meisjes is a dance collective based in Arnhem. In collaboration with De Nieuwe Oost, they develop performances within the public realm. In these interventions, they offer alternative ways of looking at the moving body and its interaction with time and space. They want to raise the question: are we adjusting to the environment or are the surroundings shaping around us?








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